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About Us

The old ways of doing business don't work. The only way to drive performance is 1. Rewire the way we think and behave on a daily basis to develop more mentally, emotionally and commercial stamina and 2. Recognise that we must leverage our creative ability to solve problems and shift upwards rapidly.

We’ll guide you to harness your talent, push the boundaries of what is possible, identify the hidden opportunities in yourself, your team and your brand, and help you shift the personal and commercial barriers that are holding you back. We want to help you achieve a life where you can reach your full potential, stay energised and ultimately lift you to influential and inspirational levels of leadership - sharing your mission and message on a wider scale.



Prior to working with Louise I found it extremely challenging to balance leading my team along with my personal life. Our work together has translated into improved engagement, great increase in sales and better interaction with my team. I also have a better relationship with my wife and my kids and for that I am truly grateful.

Leon Liveris - Sales Manager, HCF

We do it differently

We challenge the norm and provide a unique way of working that hinges on a personal and dynamic approach..
Call it Street wise business strategy with geeky smarts and innovative ideation.

Choose your own adventure


Our Signature Program - Clarity
You're probably frustrated with barriers, beliefs or blocks that are slowing you down.You know you have a vision - but something keeps blocking you. We'll help you draw a faster line to where you want to be - financially and emotionally, so that you have more clarity, confidence and connection.


Confusion and chaos are often a result of restructure, changing markets and new leadership. Interrupt the negative with neuroscience and innovation and create more clarity, focus and energy to harness and unlock the potential. Redefine your vision and culture; articulate your message; connect with your market.


REDEFINE and REFRAME the way you think feel and manage the sales process, by understanding what unconscious drivers, beliefs & communication styles are slowing down your sales results. Identify and work with high value, high energy clients. Accelerate sales revenue with neuroscience based sales tools.


We help smart, talented high achievers to grow emotionally and commercially. We help you to define your message, create and scale, so that you can impact more people and enjoy more freedom. You'll re-wire the way you think about yourself and about business, and use practical strategies to increase sales and find high value clients.


The High Performance Program has given me clarity about how to unleash your dreams and bring them from the inside to the outside and make it happen.

Monica Sweeney - VP, Australia Brazil Chamber of Commerce